The Tekhpromsintez Product Company

The Tekhpromsintez Product Company is a Russian designer, producer and supplier of a wide range of anti-corrosion paint and varnish materials under PRIM trademark.

Over 10 years since the company’s foundation we have managed to become a brand name and win customers’ confidence. We produce high-quality durable products. Due to our special formulas they have unique properties reducing our customers’ usual costs tenfold.

Our products are economically advantageous.

Buying our products, you save your money and receive excellent service. Tekhpromsyntez is the company which can offer its business partners Eurpoean level of cooperation at all stages: from consultation by highly-qualified specialists to quick timely delivery. We are pleasant to work with.

All Tekhpromsyntez products are certified. They were successfully tested in leading scientific research institutes and comply with ISO 9001:2001 requirements.

We are in great value among leading bridge building companies, car and train makers, ship building and repairing companies, oil refining and gas industry.

We are reliable partners.