The Tekhpromsintez Product Company

-Russian designer, producer and supplier of a wide range of anticorrosive paint and varnish materials under PRIM trademark.

The wide range of the company’s products includes: anticorrosive protective and chemical-resistant, conservative, noise-insulating, abrasion-resistant materials, decorative protective enamels, prime coats and multifunctional intermediate coatings, paint and varnish solvents, dulitants to remove old coatings, materials for poured flooring, auto preparations.

PRIM materials are certified by leading Russian industrial institutes.

Tekhpromsyntez is a company which can offer the European level of cooperation to its business partners.

All the produced products have warranties including possible multilateral warranties for protective coatings.

Due to their continuous high quality and attractive prices our products have been approved by bridge bridge building companies, car and train makers, ship building and repairing companies, oil refining and gas enterprises, fertilizer manufacturers etc.