When choosing anticorrosion materials one looks for maximum long-term protection against corrosion at minimum cost for one square meter of surface to be protected. PRIM materials have a number of advantages which could be divided into 2 categories: technological and economic ones.

Technological advantages:

  • simplified (in most cases) preparation of surface before painting;
  • possibility to receive one thick layer of coating for one pass;
  • wide color gamma;
  • multifunction properties of materials (along with anticorrosive properties coatings can have noise insulating, abrasion resistant or conservation properties);
  • solidification at low (including minus) temperatures;
  • minimum drying time (without loss of properties) ;
  • steady high adhesion to surfaces to be painted;
  • compatibility with most paint and varnish coatings.

Economic advantages

  • Simplified preparation of surface and compatibility of PRIM materials with the majority of paint and varnish coatings reduce total costs on corrosion protection given that costs on preparation of surface are the most significant ones;
  • Fewer layers of applied material, short drying time and solidification at minus temperatures substantially reduce operation time what is especially important when this time is limited, there are bad weather conditions, facility can not be put out of operation, facility inaccessible etc.;
  • Due to multifunction properties of materials customers’ total costs can be reduces tenfold. Long-term protection (from 10 to 15 years) guarantees essential saving in comparison with traditional materials.

Given all the aforementioned advantages total costs on corrosion protection, both explicit, and hidden, can be reduced by more than 30 %.