Family of anticorrosive epoxy two-component thixotropic materials with high decorative and protective properties. Materials of this family are recommended for long-term corrosion protection of metal, concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces.
PRIM PLATINUM PG Material forming a semi-glossy coating. Higher thermal stability and wear resistance is peculiar to the material. Скачать PDF
PRIM PLATINUM NORD Priming enamel  which can be applied at minus temperatures (down to - 15°С). Скачать PDF
PRIM PLATINUM MKS Priming enamel  for textured coating with individual higher protective properties. Скачать PDF
PRIM PLATINUM ACTIV Priming enamel  with higher chemical resistance to different hostile environments. Скачать PDF
PRIM PLATINUM Agro Priming enamel with higher resistance to aggressive influences at the enterprises of agro-industrial complex. Скачать PDF
PRIM PLATINUM Primer Anticorrosive epoxy two-component thixotropic material. Скачать PDF
PRIM PLATINUM Multifunctional priming enamel forming dull coating. It is high-resistant to chemicals, salt and fresh water and weather impact. Скачать PDF