Technical service

Our task is to give our clients professional consultation which will help them to take a decision based on direct technical knowledge.

Sales Technical Support Department of the Tekhnosyntez Product Company is a subunit providing consulting services in any sphere of PRIM materials application. Highly-qualified consultants have certificates of FROSIO and PROMETHEUS and assist in optimization of various project stages linked with corrosion protection. Thus our clients can get more bang for the buck.

At the stage of project realisation a customer can always turn for help to a consultant. Due to the single corporate culture the efficiency of our approach is not limited with geographical boundaries. Therefore our consultants can provide tailored solutions in tight cooperation with clients.

The Tekhpromsyntez Product Company provides the following technical services:

  • At the stage of pre-sales consultation all the potential coating systems for structural protection are considered in accordance with their tehnical requirements in oredr to choose the best alternative.
  • At the stage of corrosion protection works performance clients get consultations how to prepare surface and apply coating to achieve the best result. Consultants work on-site as engineers specialising in coating application, they are well-versed in ISO standards and can work with complex equipment.
  • After project is finished a report on paintworks perfomnace is prepared with a detailed description of all corrosion protection actions.
  • After project is finished The Tekhpromsyntez Product Company can give recommendations on technical support of paint and varnish coatings to extend their lifecycle.

You can call to Sales Department or Tehcnical Support Service of Tekhpromsyntez on any questions and for further information on the provided services.